KUM School & Art

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KUM School & Art | perfect for school and hobby

Our School & Art brushes are the perfect solution for school and hobby. The synthetic fibers are elastic and suitable for different types of media such as watercolour and acrylic.
With our brushes you can achieve very vibrant and brilliant colours because they are easy to wash out.

The School & Art series is available in two versions. The round brushes have a pointed tip and are perfect for painting small details and precise lines. Colour gradients and larger areas are easy to create with the flat version.

These brushes are ideal for amateurs or for school purposes, to substitute some traditional animal hair like
the pony, the ox ear or others. The synthetic fibers used to produce this brush are one of the first that appeared in the
market when cosumers were asking for synthetic fibers to substitute natural hair. Today, more than 30 years later, they are still used because they provide a nice ratio price/quality.

Synthetic fibers last longer than those made of animal hair and accept solvents to be cleaned.

• Very elastic brush tip
• Very precise and fine brush tip, ideal for filligree detailing and linear painting (round-pointed version)
• Clear brush edge for flat painting (flat version)
• Easy to wash out
• Ideal for many various mediums like Gouache, watercolours, oil colours, acrylic colours etc.
• High shape retention because of highly elastic fibres
• These quality brushes are completely non-toxic and correspond with EN 71-3