Highest quality and precision!

The best tools for the school, office and industry. When it comes to cutting, every millimeter counts. Our scissors are made of high-quality materials  and are produced with superior precision. Thereby our scissors not only cut accurate but are also sharp for a long time.

KUM Cut Visio


These quality scissors with contrast colored inner blade were developed by Dr. Johanna Barbara Sattler together with KUM®. They ensure an easy visual recognition of the cutting line.


The ergonomic soft grip handles cause a comfortable handling. Additional the adjustment screw provides an individual regulation of the cutting pressure.

KUM quality

The blades are made of stainless steel. This make our scissors robust and durable.

Cut Visio Lefty

Art. Nr. 905.04.12

Cut Visio Righty

Art. Nr. 507.13.12

KUM Pop Cut

The Pop Cut scissors are perfect for the school and crafting.

They provide a blunt tip and plastic handles.

The length of the blade is 130 mm.

Pop Cut Righty

Art. Nr. 507.09.22

Pop Cut Lefty

Art. Nr. 905.05.12

KUM Softie Cut

The scissors for left-handers are perfect for the school and crafting.

Due to the ergonomic molded soft-grips the scissors are comfortable to handle.

The use of stainless steel makes them durable.

Softie Cut R Lefty with round tip

Art. Nr. 905.02.22

Softie Cut S Lefty mit sharp tip

Art. Nr. 905.01.22

Titanium scissors


The coating of titanium makes the scissors particularly robust. As a result, they do not fail even at extreme high mechanical pressure.


Additional the scissors offer a particularly high precision. Exact cuts succeed easily with a long-lasting sharpness.


The rubberized softhandles offer a comfortable grip.

These 3 characteristics make our titanium scissors to the perfect attender in every situation. Whether at school, in the office or in the industry – you will master every mission with our scissors.

Black Titan

130 mm

Art. Nr. 507.14.12

Schr. 21S

21 cm

Art. Nr. 507.05.12

Schr. 25S

25 cm

Art. Nr. 507.06.12

Schr. Maxi S

25 cm, all-purpose scissors for especially tough jobs. Equipped with bottle opener and nutcracker

Art. Nr. 507.07.12