Save and steady

Our ergonomic sharpeners point extremely reliably and lie perfectly in the hand. The innovative grips guarantee a secure hold and no slipping while sharpening.

KUM Medi Grip

In cooperation with Dr. Johanna Barbara Sattler we developed the KUM Medi Grip for the special requirements of right-handers and left-handers.

The KUM Medi Grip uses the body´s natural physiology to gently place the fingers into the proper position for sharpening. Therefore it ensures a firm grip during the sharpening process.

Medi Grip Righty

Art. Nr. 103.68.11

Medi Grip Lefty

Art. Nr. 105.41.11

KUM Softie Grip

The KUM Softie Grip sharpener offers two touch pads. Thereby an extraordinary comfortable hold is generated.

The inner sharpener ist made of high-quality magnesium and the special Kuminox coating protects against corrosion.

An unprecented silky matte finish causes a distinctive and elegant look.

Softie Grip

Art. Nr. 103.70.31