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To all my artist friends: if you are looking for great brushes then check out Kum Memory Point paint brushes. They are handmade in Germany and use a specially designed fiber that holds its shape amazingly well. These brushes are durable, clean easily and very well made. I just started using them and they perform better than any brushes I have tried in the past. They are worth every penny.

~ Salvadore Delvisco about KUM on his Facebook Page


I am an electronics technician – that’s how I pay the bills. I am an artist and a budding musician – that’s how I maintain my sanity.
I was born in Slidell, Louisiana in July of 1972. I studied art extensively in my younger years attending classes in school and privately. At the age of nineteen I enlisted in the United States Air Force and at the age of twenty I welcomed my son into the world. I served six years in the Air Force living and traveling all over the world. After my enlistment I returned to Slidell, Louisiana and took a job as an electronics technician in New Orleans. In 2009 I was laid off and in 2010 I relocated to Northern Virginia for employment. It is in Virginia that I rediscovered my passion for art and expanded my love of music.
I founded the Free Art Friday DC monthly art scavenger hunt event in July 2011 after being inspired by Free Art Friday Atlanta. In August 2012 I relocated to Baltimore, Maryland and in January 2013 I became member of the Hamilton Art Collective and I show artwork regularly at the Hamilton Gallery at 5502 Harford Road. I hope you enjoy what I create.

~ Salvadore Delvisco about himself



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