KUM® DBS (Double-Blade System®) is the result  of years of research and development, and of the precision manufacturing capabilities of KUM®.metal-dbs

Two high-carbon tempered steel cutting blades shape the tip of your make-up pencil into a nicely rounded point. They are the main components of the KUM® Double-Blade System®, an original invention of the manufacturer and available only on KUM® Cosmetics Sharpeners.

The larger of the two blades is equipped with KUM® Dynamic Torsion Action®.

Under constant tension, the blade adjusts dynamically to the different forces bearing on the pencil while sharpening. These forces arise from the various materials in the pencil casing and the lead, as today’s pencils can be made from an extremely wide variety of woods, plastics, and cosmetics formulas. The dynamic action of the KUM® main blade is due in part to its shape, slight positive curve. If a straight blade were to be mounted onto the sharpener body, it would bend to a slight negative curve under the sharpening forces, and this would not allow a satisfying cut. The second (small) steel blade gives the pencil tip a rounded shape. High-precision positioning of the pencil within the sharpener body allows effective shaping of all types of cosmetics compounds, including the very most delicate creamy formulas used in the best make-up pencils made today.

The Cleaning Stick, built right into each sharpener, is the only instrument you should clean your sharpener with. The use of any metal object would immediately ruin the very fine cutting edge of the two steel blades. Advantage: long lasting metal DBS System

Please note that: the second metal blade is not removable, and it makes therefore the rounded pencil point only.

Note: The complete product group is also available with main cutting blade only, for promotional purposes.