Sattler Tri Grip


  • Suitable for all common pen sizes and brushes.
  • The pleasantly grippy material is guaranteed free of toxic substances and avoids allergic exposure.
  • Ergonomically ideal for left- and right-handers.

Ergonomic and elegant!

Already in the past, we have developed ergonomic and helpful products together with Dr. Barbara Sattler. After long research and development, the KUM Sattler Tri-Grip is now available.

The Tri-Grip favours an optimal tripod posture, but without restricting the fingers too much; it accommodates the personal posture of each person. A wrong posture is hardly possible due to the triangular shape and the clear positioning of the middle finger. This is further supported by the nubbed and curved underside. The thumb and index finger are located close to the pen in discreet finger recesses with restrained elevations. This ensures a pleasant writing experience.

The bevelled front of the Tri-Grip provides a better view of the writing and the pen tip. The non-slip material ensures that you don't slip off despite the pleasantly smooth surface. On the top of the Tri-Grip is an indicated pencil and shows the right direction how to attach it to the pen.