KUM Pencil-Pal

Above all the Pencil Pal is one thing: practical! He is especially space-saving designed and offers at the same time enough space for the splints. Due to the pencil hole cover the waste stays in the container. The ergonomic grip zone provides a pleasant hold. Slipping and a cramped hand will belong to the past.

In addition, the Pencil Pal satisfies with its cool design. Whether in exciting Pop colors, in shimmery metallic or in delicate pastel – he is a highlight on everybody’s desk.

Due to his two sizes – the Pencil Pal is the perfect attender. For everybody! The small version makes 8mm pencils sharp again and fits in every pencil case. His larger brother masters even big colored pencils with a diameter of 12mmm.

Of course like all our sharpener the Pencil Pal is made in Germany. This allows us to guarantee our high quality. The blades are made of extremely hard magnesium. Any tough lead can be sharpened in no time without breaking. In addition, the high-quality materials and the precise manufacture ensure an excellent longevity.  Even after many uses, your Pencil Pal will be trusty by your side.

Current Pencil-Pal variants*

*all variants are also available in blister

KUM® Pencil-Pal Pop

Art. Nr. 102.47.21

KUM® Pencil-Pal Metallic

Art. Nr. 363.04.21

KUM® Pencil-Pal Pastell

Art. Nr. 364.05.21

KUM® Pencil-Pal Lefty

Art. Nr. 901.05.21