KUM Mask Clip

If you have everything already, this is not for you! 🙂

cheap | simple | reusable

Every day
a new mask
for less than 0,05 €


removable, reusable clips which will help you making DIY facemasks with simplest means

Virus Desinfection for clips:
✔cook in hot water
✔ microwave
✔ alcohol

what you need:
– kitchen towel, 1 sheet approx. 10“x10“, or 1 coffee filter
– 2 household rubber bands approx. 4“ each
– 2, 4 or 6 clips
– standard office hole puncher

Here are 3 basic examples for possible shapes from which you can let your
creativity go wild …. with any material, shape, additional filter layers, a.s.o…


(comfy and recommended)
fold kitchen towel z-shape
1“ width, use office punch for hole on
each side, use 2 clips, insert rubber



fold kitchen towel once, use office punch for 3 holes on each side, use 6 clips, insert rubber band.


Coffee Filter-Shape

(desperate wink)
office punch for 2 holes
on each side, use 4 clips,
insert rubber band


Tip: connect both rubber bands with line like eyewear strap and wear around neck !

Note: diameter of clip stud is slightly bigger than office puncher hole for tighter fit with different
materials. If too tight widen hole with sharpened pencil 🙂

Pat Nos: 402020201334, 202020102124.9, 202020102123.0

*average price of one sheet kitchenroll