Blue Ocean

Polluted streets and beaches, giant plastic islands and microplastic in our food – that are the consequences of our immense plastic consumption. Many generations after us will live with them because plastic needs up to a few hundred years to be removed completely. Anyway plastic comes along with us in many ways. That causes another problem: plastic is made of mineral oil which is a finite resource. Due to our high consumption our reservoirs will be gone someday.

For these reasons we dealt with the topic sustainability in the last year and alternatives to conventional plastic. After a long development time, we are proud to announce our new series Blue Ocean. The use of bioplastic combined the claim for sustainability and high quality.

What is bioplastic?

Bioplastic is made partial or exclusive of renewable raw materials. They can be extracted from a variety of plants. Depending on the material and manufacturing they can have different characteristics. Thereby you can adjust for example the durability and the elasticity. That is why bioplastic can be established in diverse ways.

Blue Ocean Serie

The sharpener and drawing instruments are made of bioplastic only. That’s why they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Anyway their robustness and longevity is as good as the traditional ones.

208 K2 Blue Ocean

Art. Nr. 371.01.21

Sharpener with container


Art. Nr. 103.75.21
Sharpener with container for  Ø3, 2mm, 8mm and 11mm pencils

262 Blue Ocean

Art. Nr. 371.04.11
Triangle protractor

L1 15cm Blue Ocean

Art. Nr. 371.03.11
15cm ruler