Blue Ocean

Due to their universal properties, fossil based raw materials such as oil accompany us on a daily basis. Today it may
appear normal, but in the foreseeable future this will be a thing of the past. As a responsibility to future
generations and to protect limited resources we feel obliged to produce sustainable products.
This we will tackle with bio-plastics. Our mission is not only to offer the highest quality products but also to lead when it comes to offering a fully sustainable product. 

Bioplastics, also called bio-based plastics or biopolymers, consist to a significant extent or exclusively of renewable raw materials. 

What are bio-plastics?

Bio-plastics are derived from agricultural crops. After years of research we were able to unite with the Blue Ocean
series sustainability and the quality from KUM that you know.

Blue Ocean Serie

The sharpener and drawing instruments are made of bioplastic only. That’s why they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Anyway their robustness and longevity is as good as the traditional ones.

208 K2 Blue Ocean

Art. Nr. 371.01.21

Sharpener with container


Art. Nr. 103.75.21
Sharpener with container for  Ø3, 2mm, 8mm and 11mm pencils

262 Blue Ocean

Art. Nr. 371.04.11
Triangle protractor

L1 15cm Blue Ocean

Art. Nr. 371.03.11
15cm ruler