Automatic AS 2

 The AS 2 opens new creative possibilities. Due to the unique construction and the special knives, an extremely long tip is formed, which is ideal for realize the smallest details.

The pencils are sharpened in two steps:

  1. The wood is removed.
  2. The lead is sensitively sharpened and formed.

Thanks to the automatic stop not too much wood or mine are removed and the pencil receives a perfectly shaped tip.

In addition the AS 2 M offers two leadpointer for 2,0 and 3,5mm leads.

Long point sharpeners

Our long point sharpeners are very popular among artists, designers and architects. The reason for this is that the blade sharpens the pencils in a particularly small angle. Thereby an extreme long and thin point can be formed. Tiny details and lines can be drawn easily. Furthermore, the point will stay sharp for a longer time so the pencils don’t have to be sharpened as often.

Because the point is extremely thin long point sharpeners are only suitable for high-quality pencils. Otherwise, the pencils can break a lot.

Current Automatic AS 2 Variants

Automatic AS 2

Art. Nr. 105.30.21

includes two spare blades

Automatic AS 2 M

Art. Nr. 105.31.21

includes two spare blades and leadpointer for 2 mm and 3,15 mm leads