KUM® 4-in-1

One sharpener for all pencil sizes? The 4-in-1 is the solution!

Whether 7, 8, 10 or 11mm diameter, you will hardly find a pencil that this sharpener can not handle. Almost every pencil and colored pencil on the market can be sharpened with the 4-in-1 into a perfect point.

The worlds first 4 hole sharpener can master round, hexagonal and even triangular pencils.

Due to the ‘click-clack’ pencil hole cover the splints stay in the container.

The diverse colors make the 4-in-1 to a cool accessory on everybody’s desk.

Current 4-in-1 variants

KUM® 4 in 1 Standard

Art. Nr. 102.83.21

KUM® 4 in 1 Metallic

Art. Nr. 363.01.21