Wood Line Brushes

The Wood Line brush was developed for the special requirements of acrylic painting. The extra-long handle provides a very pleasant painting experience at the easel and the artist can paint the picture from a greater distance. This gives him a better view of his artwork and opens up further ideas for perspective and image design.

Our innovative brush fibers, hand-crafted in a special process, allow the artist to use the same brush to paint both the finest contours and large areas and smooth transitions. Even the smallest details can be realized precisely. Even after several cleanings, the outstanding properties of the synthetic fibers used guarantee a perfectly shaped brush tip.

The perfect brush for everybody

Each artist has different demands on his brush. That’s why our Wood Line brushes are not only available in different sizes, but also in three unique shapes.


The flat version of our Wood Line brushes is particularly well suited for spreading paint, creating even surfaces and glazing. The shape is also perfect for painting corners. With the brush edge fine lines can be drawn.


The fine brush tip allows to realize the smallest details. At the same time a very good storage of color is guaranteed by the large number of closely spaced hairs. Thereby larger areas and color gradients can be created fast and easily.


The wide, tapered shape combines the advantages of the flat and the round variant. This makes cat tongue-shaped brushes particularly versatile. The shape allows the artist to create an even application and smooth color transitions, as well as to paint lines and fine details. In addition, it is ideal for painting round shapes.

The Wood Line brushes are available in different shapes and sizes in our webshop.



Evgeniya Vasil’Evna Babicheva