Tip Top

The Tip Top is the perfect attender for traveling and small pencil cases. Why? Because he is a pencil, eraser and sharpener in one.

With the eraser cap you can correct your mistakes very fast and without smudging or damaging the paper. It also serves as a protector and prevents your pencil from breaking.

Due to the sharpener your pencil will always be pointed. The hole cover will hold the shavings inside the container and your pencil case will stay clean. Furthermore, the sharpener extends and can be used as a protector cap.

The all-rounder is not only practical and space-saving but also looks cool. Eraser and sharpener create a harmonious contrast to the pencil. The Tip Top can satisfy in vibrant pop colors as well as in soft pastel.

Current Tip Top variants

Tip Top Pop

Art. Nr. 347.02.244


Tip Top Pastell

Art. Nr. 364.01.25