The Masterpiece


An extraordinary sharpener – hand-made in Germany.

The KUM Masterpiece passes through eight quality checks, during the production process nothing is left to chance. Special blades, tests after each single production step and a high-quality precision work guarantee the uniqueness of this sharpener.

A new dimension of long-cone (sharpeners)

The KUM® Masterpiece sharpens in two steps. In phase one only the wood of the pencil is removed. The removal of the shavings is set to a TC system, the so-called Thin Cut. In phase two, the lead is sensitively sharpened and formed.

The goal is to obtain a long and precise pen tip. The result is a conical shaping based on 8 degrees.

The prerequisite for this perfection is a centered lead and first-class wood. Second and third grade pens will fail here.

High quality material

The sharpener is made of magnesium, a high-tech material. Magnesium is not only lightweight, but also ensures the perfect fit of the blade. The blades are made of finely ground high-carbon steel. This steel – with a hardness of more than 62 hrc – is much harder than any high quality kitchen knife (about 55 hrc).
Due to the Dynamic Torsion Action®, the blades are under constant tension, preventing the tip of the pencil from breaking out.

Uncovered lead

The sliding stopper permits to uncover the lead.
An uncovered lead gives the artist an additional freedom of design

The Meisterwerk is now available in a golden colour!

The high-quality golden finishing and the black stopper make the sharpener appear even more elegant and noble. This makes the golden Meisterwerk the perfect sharpener for those who aren’t fancied enough by the classic one.

What you can create with our Masterpiece:

Colored Pencil Dog Portrait
Colored Pencil Dog Portraits

©Cherry Amber Watson