KUM® Softie

Do you think that flexible plastic without plasticizer does not exist? The KUM Softie is the evidence that it does!

The container is easy to squeeze, without the use of unsafe substances. This flexibility makes the KUM Softie virtually indestructible.

Thanks to the pencil-hole cover the waste remains in the container and the pencil case stays clean.

The “Softie” has a long track record and is popular as 50 years ago. During this time, the “Softie” has always been developed further and has been adapted to the current plastic technologies.

Current Softie Variants

KUM® Softie Pop M1

Art. Nr. 347.01.21

KUM® Softie Pop M2

Art. Nr. 347.00.21

KUM® Softie Ice M1

Art. Nr. 303.15.21

KUM® Softie Ice M2

Art. Nr. 303.17.21

KUM® Softie Metallic M1

Art. Nr. 103.01.71

KUM® Softie Metallic M2

Art. Nr. 103.22.71

Mini Softie Variants

KUM® Mini Softie Ice M1

Art. Nr. 303.54.21

KUM® Mini Softie Ice M2

Art. Nr. 303.74.21