Memory Point Cat tongue

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The new type of brush hair that we have developed in-house surpasses the properties of all previously known synthetic fibres. The material and especially its processing finally offer exactly what artists are looking for: A perfectly shaped brush tip every time.

This makes it possible to paint the smallest details with any brush size and to work extraordinarily precisely. The hairs used have excellent resilience and elasticity. As a result, the fine tip springs back to its original shape even after repeated use. This makes our Memory Point Brush particularly durable.

The cat’s tongue-shaped variant is characterised by its broad, pointed shape. This enables both even colour application and soft colour transitions, as well as the painting of lines and fine details. In addition, it is ideal for working out round shapes. This makes the brushes particularly versatile.


Our brush is also suitable for working on large areas thanks to its large storage capacity. It can absorb and release paint optimally. Because of that, even surfaces and colour gradients can be created quickly and easily.

The Memory Point brushes are versatile and are ideal for watercolour, gouache, acrylic, reverse glass and silk painting.

The brushes are 100% handmade in Germany.