KUM Pencil-Pal

The practical Pencil-Pal® is designed to save space. At the same time he offers a large container to catch the chips. Thanks to the pencil hole cover, the waste stayes inside the sharpener. The ergonomically shaped grip provides a pleasant use. This makes it unlikely to slip or to get a cramped  hand.

In addition, the Pencil-Pal® satisfies with its cool design. The bright pop colors as well as the soft pastell complete the look.

The two sizes convert the Pencil-Pal® into the perfect attender for every case. The smaller version sharpens thin 8mm pencils and fits into any pencil case. The other one can even master thick crayons with 12mm.

Current Pencil-Pal variants*

*all variants are also available in blister

KUM® Pencil-Pal Metallic

Art. Nr. 363.04.21

KUM® Pencil-Pal Pop

Art. Nr. 102.47.21


KUM® Pencil-Pal Lefty

Art. Nr. 901.05.21


KUM® Pencil-Pal Pastell

Art. Nr. 364.05.21