PCR – Post-Consumer-Recycled material.

PCR materials are recycled plastics that are obtained from household or commercial waste, the majority of which consists of packaging materials.


Why is PCR good for the environment?

PCR is environmentally friendly for several reasons:

  • It saves natural resources, which means that there are less CO2 emissions during oil production.
  • A new product is being created instead of an old product being dumped on a landfill, dropped in the ocean, or disposed of in a waste incinerator, thus generating more CO2 emissions.
  • Plastic that is discarded in nature (e.g. in the ocean), breaks down into micro-plastic, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, and ends up in our food chain. Recycling is a way to avoid this.

    L1 15cm Grreen Line

    Art. Nr. 349.01.21
    15cm Ruler

    L3 30cm Green Line

    Art. Nr. 349.02.21
    30cm Ruler

    1870 KK2 Green Line

    Art. Nr. 349.00.21

    Sharpener with waste container

    2-in-1 Green Line

    Art. Nr. 349.03.21

    Sharpener with waste container

    208 Green Line

    Art. Nr. 349.04.21

    Sharpener with waste container