Highest quality and precision!

In producing sharpeners are our roots and our core competence since 1919. They are known worldwide for their high quality and precision.
We have a wide selection in our assortment and we guarantee the right sharpener for every pencil.

KUM Blade

All sharpeners are equipped with ultra hard (65 hrc) and razor sharp high carbon steel blades. These blades are harder than ball bearings or any high quality knife. This is needed because pencil leads are made of a mixture of graphite and various types of clay, which are extremely hard.

Each blade is razor-sharp. A felt sharpening wheel (similar to leather) is used as the last step in the automatic sharpening process. Note: stainless steel cannot be used because it cannot be sharpened that much.

Dynamic Torsion Action

We are the only manufacturer in the world to equip our sharpeners with a curved blade. Due to the curved blade form, the cutting edges are under constant tension and cannot “curl-up” as a result of the ensuing pressure during sharpening. This in turn prevents rebounding or cracking of the pencil tip.
Furthermore, the pressure against the screaw-head prevents it from lifting or loosening.

Long point sharpeners


Our long point sharpeners are very popular among artists, designers and architects. The reason for this is that the blade sharpens the pencils in a particularly small angle. Thereby an extreme long and thin point can be formed. Tiny details and lines can be drawn easily. Furthermore, the point will stay sharp for a longer time so the pencils don’t have to be sharpened as often.

Because the point is extremely thin long point sharpeners are only suitable for high-quality pencils. Otherwise, the pencils can break a lot.

Long point sharpeners without containers


Art. Nr. 303.57.21

Stenograph, long point sharpener for extra long pencil points, includes one spare blade


Art. Nr. 104.06.01
Magnesium-Stenograph, long point sharpener for extra long pencil points

Long point sharpeners with containers

Automatic AS 2

Art. Nr. 105.30.21

For extra long pencil tip, shapes the wood and then the lead, automatic brake prevents overshaping, includes two spare blades

Automatic AS 2 M

Art. Nr. 105.31.21

For extra long pencil, shapes the wood and then the lead, automatic brake prevents overshaping, includes two spare blades, includes leadpointer for 2 mm and 3,15 mm leads


Art. Nr. 105.72.11
Shapes wood and lead in two separate steps, slidable brake for only shaving the wood, with 2 replacement blades