KUM® French Aquarelle

Synthetic Aquarelle-Brush
Handmade in Germany

With the French Aqua brushes we can now offer a complete package for watercolour paintings.

Excellent resilience and elasticity

When painting with watercolours, the artist sooner or later needs a so-called French watercolour brush for certain techniques.

The French Aqua brush is intended to create large scaling work and colour transitions, as well as those soft watercolour techniques, offering the artist a wide range of new possibilities. The combination of the Memory Point and the French Aqua give the artist the whole scope of creative possibilities.

This brush is made by using a blend of fibres with varying diameters in a perfect mix, which translates to an extremely high storage capacity, superior to the traditional petit gris brushes made out of natural hair.

This brush is made of very thin synthetic fibres, offering a much higher elasticity than any other French Brush in the market. This extremely high elasticity makes it ideal for soft techniques, which usually do not require perfectly formed shapes. Regardless of this, this brush offers a perfectly shaped point, with a high memory, so the artist can also create the finest details. The fine tip has become a synonym for KUM brushes.

Thanks to these features, this brush is also perfect for so-called Modern Watercolour Sketching. It also releases the paint onto a wide variety of painting surfaces, such as paper, canvases, silk or glass.

The white pearled handle gives this brush an elegant look that you already know from the Memory Point Range.

Developed by artists for artists

Since we developed this brush together with our brand ambassadors and artists, Nadine Siebensohn and Lena Schmuck, there is a lot of input and know-how that went into the creation of these brushes. The French Aqua perfectly fulfills all the needs and requirements of artists… therefore making it a very unique and powerful tool for every watercolour artist.


Size 4 6 8 10 12
∅ mm 4 6 8 10 12



  • high quality synthetic fiber
  • best suited for modern and loose watercolor
  • Perfect shape retention
  • high elasticity
  • high water and color capacity
  • pearly colored handle
  • Handmade in Germany

The Memory Point is available in our onlineshop.