Every line can disappear within seconds

Small mistakes while writing or drawing can happen very easily. Unfortunately, this can cause a variety of problems. The colour can not be removed or the paper is damaged by aggressive scratching. If you want your sheet to shine white again, you will need an eraser of the highest quality. Our erasers can eliminate pencil and colored pencil lines without smudging. Even our dyed ones will not stain your paper.

KUM Ultra Cln

Super soft erasing

The Ultra Cln erasers remove pencil and colored pencil super soft, without damaging the paper. Additionally they erase without smudging and staining.


The erasers can be uses on different surfaces, like paper, carton and wood.

Kum quality

Of course our erasers are free of PVC, latex and phthalates.

Ultra Cln SW

Art. Nr. 509.09.11

Ultra Cln BW

Art. Nr. 509.08.11

Ultra Cln SB

Art. Nr. 509.07.11

Ultra Cln BB

Art. Nr. 509.06.11

Natural rubbers


Art. Nr. 509.02.11


Art. Nr. 509.03.11


Art. Nr. 509.05.11


Art. Nr. 509.04.11


Softie Mini Cap

Art. Nr. 509.06.11

Eraser cap works as an eraser or protector cap

Correc Stick

Art. Nr. 402.17.21

Ergonomically formed

Softie Satellite

Art. Nr. 402.23.27

Riffels and soft material ensure comfortable working

Softie Tri

Art. Nr. 402.24.27

Ergonomic triangular shape with grip ribbing makes it extremely comfortable to use

Eraser sharpener


Art. Nr. 402.03.27

Eraser sharpener with container

5000 BU

Art. Nr. 402.01.25

Eraser sharpener with container

5010 BU

Art. Nr. 402.02.25

Eraser sharpener with container