Highest quality and precision!

Geometry lessons and other works require the highest precision. That is why you should only use instruments with the best quality possible. Temperature normed embossings, high-quality materials and precision molds guarantee the millimeter accuracy.

KUM Softie Flex


The innovative manufacturing process and high-quality materials give our Softie Flex series an extreme flexibility and bendability.

Unbreakable and durable

Broken corners and shattered rulers will belong to the past.

KUM quality

In spite of extreme flexibility our Softie Flex drawing instruments are free of harmful phtalates.

262 Softie Flex geometry triangle

Art. Nr. 208.13.29

L1 Softie Flex ruler 15 cm

Art. Nr. 225.01.19

L03 Softie Flex ruler 30 cm

Art. Nr. 225.02.19

KUM Softie Flex Extreme

The Softie Flex Extreme range of drawing instruments is unbelievably flexible and break proof. An ultra modern material makes this range of products extremely pliable. Bending and dropping are no problem. These products will not break or crack. They will always find their way back into their original position.

262 Softie Flex Extreme geometry triangle 16cm

Art. Nr. 225.07.19

464 Softie Flex Extreme geometry triangle 22cm

Art. Nr. 225.13.19

L1 Softie Flex Extreme ruler 15 cm

Art. Nr. 225.09.19

L03 Softie Flex Extreme ruler 30 cm

Art. Nr. 225.05.19

KUM File

 Practical, clever and always within reach.

Triangle protractor and ruler for easy filing in file folders.

261 Geo File

Art. Nr. 208.19.29

L03 Ruler File ruler 30 cm

Art. Nr. 208.20.29

KUM Style

  • elegant design
  • high end look
  • contrast scale with orientation points
  • inking edge
  • millimeter-precise scale due to temperature normed precision hot-stamping
  • Grip Wave for pleasant handling

262 Style geometry triangle

Art. Nr. 228.03.29

L1 Style

Art. Nr. 228.01.29

L1 Style Highlight

Art. Nr. 228.04.29

KUM Softie Flex Style

Our new Softie Flex series is extremely flexible and robust. In addition it can convince by its cool look.

Despite the high flexibility, the rulers and geometry triangles are free of dangerous plasticizers.

262 Softie Flex Style geometry triangle

Art. Nr. 229.02.29

L1 Softie Flex Style ruler 15 cm

Art. Nr. 229.01.29