Memory Point®

Brush Lettering Set

Thanks to its unique properties, the KUM Memory Point Brush is particularly well suited for brush lettering, due to its ability to create thin and thick lines in one brush stroke, giving the words that extra special design.

Depending on how much pressure is applied, the Memory Point Brush can help achieve various effects.

 The perfectly shaped tip is ideal for drawing the smallest details and lines. 

It only takes a gentle stroke of the brush tip on the paper to create the finest lines.

 If more pressure is applied on the brush, the brush hairs fan out. With the brush tip now fanned out, one can also draw thicker lines.  If less pressure is applied, the tip will return to its original form and thin lines can be again drawn.

This means that in one brush stroke, the width of the line can be varied as desired. The high resilience and shape stability of the brush ensure that, after any usage, all brush hairs return to the original form in a pointed tip.

This means that there are no protruding hairs that may cause unwanted lines or stains. The Memory Point Brushes allow the highest control when painting. The high storage capacity is an advantage for any painting, especially for brush lettering.

In this way one can create a longer line in one stroke, without having to add new color. This makes the entire brush lettering process smoother and faster.


  • perfect shaped tip
  • high elasticity 
  • high storage capacity
  • glitter handle
  • Handmade in Germany

Memory Point Brushlettering Set KUM x Lellous Letters


„The KUM Memory Point was my first lettering brush. From the first brush stroke on, it has been and still is my absolute favorite brush.“

Nadine Siebensohn
“Lellous Letters”
KUM Brand Ambassador

KUM Memory Point
Lellous Letters
Brushlettering Set

round size 1,3 abd 6

Ideal for Brushlettering