Bristle Brush

Art. Nr. 511.92.24

with flat tip, available in size 2 to 20

from 0,89€

Watercolor Brush

Art. Nr. 511.92.24

with round tip, available in size 00 to 16

from 0,99€

The brushes for every child

Our bristle and fine hair watercolor brushes are the perfect solution for kids, whether at school or at home.

The brushes convince with high absorption capacity, as well as with even color release.

Of course, they are free of formaldehyde and other toxic substances and can be safely used by young children.

Bristle Brushes flat

The flat bristle brushes are ideal for painting large areas and color gradients. Even clear edges and corners can be easily created.

Watercolor Brushes

With our watercolour brushes you can create a variety of different effects. The more pressure you induce the broader the brushstroke. Thereby you can paint fine details as well as larger areas with the same brush.